Absolutely amazing, and a great way to cap off the evening…

Notes from the Journey

We are star stuff.

Like the universe, we start out a swirling mass of material. Slowly we coalesce, take form, take shape. We grow and expand. Like stars birthed in a stellar gas cloud, we burst forth to life.

As we drift through life our paths are influenced by the universe of people around us. We settle into orbits around big things in our lives: school, work, family, friends, lovers.

We burn brightly. We burn quickly. So quickly when compared to the expanse of the universe. The fusion generator of our lives runs low on fuel. We fade out. Finally we collapse.

But that is not the end. We leave our mark on the universe of those around us. There are echoes of us that continue on for years, even generations.

We exist as individual bodies drifting through life but we are not alone. We are all connected. Connected to…

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