Waiting on that notification…

One of my longtime sorta-friends from way back in elementary school, Chantal (@chantallucienne on Twitter), wrote an amazing piece regarding Facebook, and how it’s an enabler of all that is a social media-enabled self-esteem problem. I encourage you all to read it.

“As an adult, Facebook has hurt my feelings. It’s made me insecure. It has made me laugh. It’s made me angry. It’s made me smile. In today’s day, it does hold a purpose, but I think we’ve taken advantage of it, and moved it beyond it. Now it’s a whole community of people behind their screen, no different than I am at this very moment, waiting for that notification sign to come up, because today, that’s approval, that’s popularity, that’s how you know you’re liked. “

Check out the post on Chantal’s Tumblr.


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