Pedantic – like a knowledge spellcheck

I recently had a conversation with my primary partner of 8 years, where we discussed some of the issues we have surrounding our communications with one another. She brought up the fact that, on a great number of occasions, I tend to get into arguments with her over the smallest minutiae. She first proposed that I always “have to be right”. As I was about to correct her, she came very close to stating what I was thinking at that very moment (ironically), that I always correct her. The difference in wording between what she said and what I was thinking was small, but made all the difference.

I don’t care whether I am right or wrong. Nay, I only care about whether a statement that is made is factually correct.

2. overly concerned with minute details or formalisms, especially in teaching.

Not to get off topic, but I tend to absorb stuff. I’m THAT guy, who one swears could end up on Jeopardy, with such amounts of seemingly useless crap crammed into the space between my ears. I’m beginning to learn how this is a weakness of mine. I am coming to believe that my use of said knowledge to ensure factuality is what turns people off of being social with me. Everyone says that I need to cut down on the crap and get to the point of what I have to say.

This marks the tipping point where I make an effort to reduce my pedantry. It seems to be reducing the quality of my interactions, especially with my primary partner; interactions which are so crucial to my mental and emotional well being.

Instead of what parents usually tell their kids when misbehaving, to “smarten up”, I think I need to, even if only ever so slightly, start to “stupid up”, or at least concern myself less with the details. Stop and smell the roses, instead of analysing which variant of rose, as it were.


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